Respect yourself.

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Why are you here?

Maybe you clicked an ad. Or maybe you’ve seen our campaign around your town. Either way, you wouldn’t be here if it didn’t stir something within you.

Yes, it pains us too that respect in the workplace is not a given, that we still have to fight for it. That giving salary ranges in job offers is still an exception to the rule, and not the norm. That basic and important information is not included in offers, and job interviews often feel like they haven’t changed since the previous century.

That’s why we declare it loud and clear: we will fight to improve the IT recruitment standards!

Did you know…
…that 3 out of 4 offers do not include information about the salary?
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Did you know…
…that almost half of all candidates do not receive feedback after a job interview?
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Did you know…
…that one-third of all candidates have been discriminated against during recruitment because of their age?
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Did you know…
…that more than half of all candidates get asked inappropriate questions during job interviews, e.g. about their family plans?
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You have shown that it matters to you!

Since September, we have been collecting signatures for a civic project to make it mandatory to disclose salary ranges in job advertisements. You responded broadly to our appeal, and the following result proves the rightness of our mission.

We collected 13 361 signatures.

We’re boycotting fluffy job offers!

How to tell if a job offer is good or if it’s better to sidestep it?


  • lacks specifics (information about the salary, contract, vacation policy or place of work)
    full of meaningless
  • full of meaningless generalities like „work in a young, dynamic team”, „attractive salary” or „interesting projects”


  • includes salary range
  • includes the place of work
  • includes proposed contract type
  • includes must-haves and nice-to-haves
  • includes daily tasks
  • includes other useful information, e.g. about vacation policy or equipment

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Who’s responsible for the campaign?

The project is carried out by No Fluff Jobs – a job board with 100% offers include salary range. But what would the job board be without the employers who believe in the mission of transparent recruitment. For 8 years, has featured over 150,000 job offers from companies that care about building a quality market, open to change and feedback from employees and candidates. Today, not publishing offers with detailed, concrete descriptions and a salary range is considered a faux pas.

For years, we’ve been emphasizing what matters to candidates. We took on this challenge as the only job board in Poland, and although a few competitors appeared on the country’s IT map, none has joined us in this quest. Since 2014, there hasn’t been another portal that would require publishing each and every offer with a salary range. But we don’t like taking shortcuts. With us, it’s either 100%, or nothing at all!

Polish candidates have come to trust us so much that we could broaden our transparent recruitment mission to the neighboring countries. Currently, No Fluff Jobs is one of the top IT job boards in Europe, operating in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine, offering the widest group of candidates from the region to employers from around the world.

Would you like to
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Izabela Sękowska Partnership Expert +48 798 809 322
Łukasz Berdowski B2B Marketing Lead +48 501 345 315
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